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ZF America and ZF Max are your leading manufacturers, importers, and exporters of quality seafood products. As North American subsidiaries of the renowned Zoneco Group, a publicly traded and vertically integrated seafood conglomerate (Click HERE to visit our parent company), ZF America and ZF Max are striving to bring value to our business partners. ZF buys directly from local fishing companies around the world and conduct processing in their 15 company-owned plants in Canada, Japan, South Korea, and China.

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Principles Without Compromise


Guaranteeing that products are safe, of superior quality, have accurate labeling, sizing and are 100% net weight every time.


Cutting out the middle-man. We remove the risks of dealing with processing facilities overseas since we are the ones who own and operate them! We guarantee our products and are accessible during the same time zones you are.


Setting the highest standards for quality seafood and offering a variety of innovative and versatile products for all culinary experiences. We will supply you quality seafood in a reliable and consistent manner, every time.

Your Partners In Quality Ensurance

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