"From the Down East to the Far East"

Located in the picturesque village of Fisherman's Cove, Nova Scotia, we process and export the best live lobster in the world, procured straight from the pristine cold waters of the North Atlantic oceans. Nowhere else in the world will you find the lobster we have right here at home, which thanks to our position and climate, has earned us the prestigious title among our peers as the "Lobster Capital of Canada"!

Preserved from Sea to Store

Capital strives to eliminate the middleman so that only the freshest, highest quality product makes it to the dinner table. Our stringent adherence to quality helps ensure that what you order is what you get. From individually measuring the grade of the lobster, to strictly monitoring the environment in which it is kept, our ability to offer the best of the best Atlantic lobster is second to none.

Built for Customers First

Our methods for preserving our other products are the same. Our facility contains our own storage for keeping live lobster, as well as enough space to store large quantities of our frozen products - eliminating the need for storage elsewhere which allow us to keep our commitment to selling to our customers direct. In the upcoming year we will be expanding our facility to be able to contain even more of the same high quality lobster and seafood products our customers demand.

Lobster Leadership

Our commitment to great quality lobster doesn't end with our live product. Our resources, powered by our experienced and knowledgable staff, allows us to process even more lobster product including our signature 21b vacuum packed bags of Claw and Knuckle meat, or our Claw, Knuckle, and Leg meat bags, We also cater in whole cooked lobster and raw frozen lobster tails, for whatever your lobster needs are.

Global Strategic Advantage

Thanks to our position wharf side in Fisherman's Cove, we are also able to import directly other species of seafood, such as fresh whole halibut, Bluefin tuna, fresh whole Swordfish, snow crab, shrimp, sea urchin, and ground fish. We also specialize in bait that includes mackerel, red fish, and herring.
Simply put, we utilize the best resources to deliver at the highest standards for our customers, period.

The Capital Advantage

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