Fishing Perfected Globally

ZF America and ZF Max are the North American marketing and sales arms of the publicly traded Zoneco Group. From humble beginnings in 1958 as a small fishing cooperative, the Zoneco Group has now grown to be a global leader in the cultivating, processing and distributing of great tasting, sustainable seafood products. Through multiple acquisitions, Zoneco Group now encompasses a full complement of services related to the seafood industry ranging from ocean ranch, cold storage, quality control, and processing.

Investing in the future

Specializing in sustainable seafood, ZF is partnering with SGS & the Ocean University of China Marine Research Department to further expand our existing sustainable hatchery and farming technologies and infrastructure across the globe.

How Do We Create Value for Our Customers?

We offer market insights, help with forecasting and planning based on seafood trends, we source hard-to-find products for our customers, and lastly, we simply do everything in our power to make it easy for buyers to do their job. Our representatives are knowledgeable, our financial backing is solid, and our experience is vast in the seafood industry

By being focused on sharing our products and values with the world, the Zoneco Group has established sales and marketing offices in each major distribution region in the world: Hong Kong, the European Union, Canada, the United States and Oceania. Visit our “Contact Us” section to reach ZF and start simplifying your seafood sourcing experience.

Contact us directly for all your seafood needs and speak with our knowledgeable representatives