Sustainable Longline Haddock

ZF America’s long-line haddock is the pinnacle of flavor and your next quick-mover or menu-enhancer. Each fish is individually caught from the pristine Atlantic waters and frozen at Sea making sure your customer experiences fresh flavors without the quick expiration date.

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Haddock Fish


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Haddock (Longline or Trawl)

J-cut Fillets: Skinless/Skin-on

Size Case Style
4/6oz 1x10lb IQF
6/8oz 1x10lb IQF
8/10oz 1/10lb IQF
10/12oz 1/10lb IQF
12/16oz 1/10lb IQF

Loins: Skinless Boneless

Size Case Style
3oz 1x10lb IQF
4oz 1x10lb IQF
5oz 1x10lb IQF
6oz 1x10lb IQF
7oz 1x10lb IQF
8oz 1x10lb IQF


Size Case Style
1-3oz 10-5lbslb IQF

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